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Adeola's Testimony

Adeola lives in Lagos

Praise the lord!!!! The lord has wowed me beyond my greatest imagination, there is an examination I have been writing since 2018 and I kept getting stuck on a particular mark but the exam entails that I surpass that pass mark to be qualified for the next step of all I am processing. I had written it thrice, so I came to the last 2019 August convention, went to the altar and challenged God that if he really called daddy Adeboye then it’s time to show off and move me out of the stagnancy I was in. September 7th I sat for another exam and I told God the number seven was the number of perfection! I had a dream a night before I checked my result and I was told congratulations, the next morning I checked my result and I didnt just pass but I passed on merit!!! Jesus heard my cry! Me! Mere dust!!!! And I have come back to say Thank you Jesus!!!!!!! Praise the lord!!!!!

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