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Emeka's Testimony

Emeka lives in Umuahia, Nigeria

Hallelujah! This sounds too simple but to me its a miracle. I shuttle between Enugu and Umuahia every week. My car developed faults and the car engineer had told me what needed to be changed on a Saturday afternoon for me to use the car back to Enugu Sunday afternoon, but that part has to be bought from Lagos that means fixing it is not possible. I was not happy about this because first I was already disorganized. Actually, we are not members of rccg but my wife loves to watch Redemption Way on Dove TV channel and Daddy G. O blessed handkerchief during one of the programs. So I took the handkerchief placed it at the back seat and asked God that by the grace in this handkerchief I declare the fault fixed in the name of Jesus. I drove this car from Umuahia to Enugu finished my work for the week and back without experiencing the issues one bit throughout the over 280km journey. So so happy! Hallelujah!

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