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Deborah's Testimony

Deborah lives in Florida

pg 1This is my testimony of the true Lord Jesus Christ in a shorter version in hopes that when reading many will not be overwhelm with so information at once. As a Christian believer, I was actively involved in many well known Christian churches from 1990-2007 believing was saved and serving God. During that time experience many manifestations of the spirit believing this was a confirmation of my salvation. Then I started witnessing through those years many Christian believers get sick and die even though they were prayed by pastoral staff and other believers.

Then one time I went to a revival meeting and met a well known evangelist, who prayed over me and had same power in him as I did and it felt like someone was going to punch the whole world. I said to myself thatís not the holy Spirit, but that spirit said your blasphemy God. At that time did not know or understand what was happening so I didnít talk to anyone about it. Then after a few more years in ministries still kept witnessing many believers from Christian churches, ministries get sick, die, have bad things happen to them and their families, even church leaders and staff. Couldnít understand why many believers repeatedly coming to the altar for prayer for their problems but never resolved. They just kept coming back for prayer over and over again, if they didnít get deliverance they went to another Christian church. I also was having problems in my own life and it would come and go.

Then in 2008 couldnít take it anymore sought God in prayer for the truth about the Christian churches, her leaders, believers, and myself. I took one day one hour out of every week to pray to God. In 2009 of December (two years later), he answered me and said, My child what do you want to know? And within myself (my soul)I said to him, I want to know the truth. Then later that day believed God would show me in his perfect time the truth.

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