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Deborah's Testimony

Deborah lives in Florida

pg2Well a couple days later he revealed to me there are two identical Jesus. I saw them. They look exactly alike and the one in my chest came to the one outside of my body and they were going to fight, because the one outside of my body wanted in me, but the one in me wanted to stay. Immediately I said while looking down at the scene, wait a minute there is only one Jesus. Will the real Jesus please stand up. I said this because they were each identical of a small figured man in brilliant heavenly light. Then my body woke up. To make a long story short I was not truly saved and had the mark-death, hell and the grave. I did not have the true Jesus in me. It was the devil. Remind you I have been in Christian churches, study the word of truth , nothing else. Iíve always believed there is one true God, the creator and Jesus Christ.

So when I found out the bad news, I tried going to my local church to get help but no relief and it was getting worse because my body was hurting all over. I couldnít go back to work, sleep, sit still, or talk. Then I black out after that holiday eve and went missing for three days. There was a police report filed about me. On the third day when I came to, I was somewhere in Mexico. I was driving and had no idea what I was doing and then all of sudden like scales came off my face then I realize where I was and what was happening. I went home and my family was surprised to see me alive for they thought I was dead. It was the mercy and grace of God. During January 2010 I was a wreck.

So from February -June 2010, I went thru hundreds and hundreds of Christian churches and ministries around the world to get deliverance from that devil. Many of these Christian churches are well known around the world so I either put my prayer requests via email or went in person for counseling, prayer, deliverance.

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