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Deborah's Testimony

Deborah lives in Florida

pg 4So two deliverance ministries left that I was able to find. If they did not have the power of God I would be force to go online and contact every Christian Church corner in America.

Thatís how bad it was for me.

By the mercies and grace of God out of the last two remaining I found one deliverance Christian ministry, but the Holy Spirit did not show their activity in the spirit realm. So by faith gave my prayer request to this Christian minister and he forward to his prayer team. Well I still didnít get any rest and still went online searching for deliverance and prayer. Three days later, in my bedroom my body was asleep and my spirit woke up and Iím sitting up in bed and I didnít see anything around me but sense the presence of the Holy Spirit, the father came and embrace me and we went up and up, then stopped. I heard a baby cry and I said that Ďs the spiritual birth according to John 3 Jesus is teaching Nicodimus about you must be born again of the water and of the Spirit of God in order to enter the kingdom. Then he lowered me down and few things happen. It was the first time to get some rest. I was really happy that God came to me. Then the next day when I went to sleep my body slept my spirit was alive and the Holy Spirit was binding that devil. I kept requesting the same minister to keep praying for me, because I knew it was them that prayed me thru to God. Then after a few more days, one night I was so tired and just before falling asleep the Holy Spirit came upon my head (oil). I immediately went into spirit realm and that devil went out of my body. Then I woke up and felt so light as if a huge fat elephant came off my body. I was very happy and thankful for God removing that devil from me and the ministry that prayed for me. They were the only Christian ministry that had true power of God, holy Spirit of truth.

There are two identical Jesus Christ.

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