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Deborah's Testimony

Deborah lives in Florida

pg6The one is the true messiah, the other is the devil (god of this world) coming as an angel of light looking like Jesus appearing to men and woman Christian believers with all power, lying signs and wonders. The Catholic and Christian churches are following and representing a false Jesus. If any church teaches believers the antichrist is coming and the mark is anything but death hell and the grave, which Jesus conquered ALL POWERS of Satan and man (sinful flesh)at the cross and resurrection, they are under the control of the antichrist spirit (the devil, man of sin, son of perdition)and the mark of man- death, hell and the grave is present among the believers. In Revelation 9:20-21, during the plagues, it tells that men still did not repent from their ways. So it clearly says that God wants men to turn from their dependency on the things of this world and turn to his son (the way the truth and the life) and believe the gospel.

By the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit of truth, I am witness to seeing the antichrist-the man of sin, the son of perdition coming as an angel of light speaking Godís words to many men and woman believers, who are spiritually deceived by deceptive bright dreams that promote false teachings of Godís words, lying signs and wonders, promises of prosperity which keep believers in bondage to sin and the ways of the world. These churches teach believers that the antichrist is coming and we are not in Revelation yet. This a the biggest LIE of Satan 1 John 4:3.The real Jesus Christ is coming, the son of man, and it will happen very quickly because according to my testimony of the true Lord Jesus Christ, 2 Thesssalonians 2:3, 4 it is fulfilled.

The Holy Spirit of truth revealed the scriptures below for believers to know the truth. Again the mark of man is death, hell and the grave.

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